When did it become August?

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As September is fast approaching I can't help but feel like this year hopped on a train hurtling towards the festivities of Winter, before I have had the time to shake my umbrella from the torrential downpours of April.

It was last week when I saw the first blackberries and noticed that the conkers are easily visable on the Oak trees at the bottom of the garden. I must of been hibernating, like an old bear, grumbling my way through the sticky nights of Summer i seem to have missed. 

As the Sun is now declining in strength and the natural world around us starts to prepare for the long sleep of Winter, i feel the sudden urgency to stock pile my cupboards, organise myself for the darker months...obviously more candles, because who doesnt like to curl up with a book or a good movie by candlelight, drinking hot brews while the wind and rain rages on outside.

Magic during the Autumn Tide lends itself to the harvesting of the literal and metaphorical fruits of our labours, and while I am sure I have been busy during the year, there is a wild flurry of excitment in my bones, spurring me on to get out in the Sun and forage, bottle and hang, spoon stir and cauldron bubble..

So on that note, this ole crone has no time to waste. There is a mess to be made! 


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