Candle Magick

Candle Magick

Candle magick is one of the most basic forms of spellcasting, yet one of my favourites. It falls under the term, or method of 'sympathetic magick' which basically means it does not require any of the elaborate rituals or fancy items to perform. Anyone with a lighter and a candle can perform a spell. Although, that being said you can make it as grand as you like with oils, herbs, fancy paper and crystal encrusted candle holders!
We have all probably had a birthday candle on a cake at some point in our lives, and made a wish hoping for our dreams to come true, only now what we are doing is declaring our intent to the universe. We have our goal, our aim, what we intend to achieve. We visualise ourselves having already having achieved that goal, aim, or wish. Then we are focusing our will and intent to manifest that result. This is essentially the basics of candle magick.

Ritual Candles
The Candles are a magickal tool much like your Cauldron or Wand and I would recommend consecrating your tools before any magickal workings. When we inscribe and anoint our candles we are creating a psychic link between ourselves and the candle, charging it with our energy and intent.
Top Tips:~
Always use a virgin candle, brand new for every spell.
Size is not important. However if you are doing a three day spell, a tealight probably isn't the best choice.
Never blow out a spell candle before completion, let the candle burn until the very end.
Never light a spell candle with a match ~ Sulphur, Will end the spell before it has even begun.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Inscribing your Candle

To scratch or etch a simple message, words or Sigil on your candle to increase the energies of your spell casting.
To do this you can use a sharp point, or knife to mark the wax of your unlit candle. going from the top to the bottom of the candle. It does not matter if the words or symbols overlap, and you can say them out loud whilst you are doing this or, as an alternative you could trace your intention invisibly onto the candle, using your index finger, or wand, Intention is key here. Do this BEFORE you anoint your candle with oils and herbs, otherwise you are in for a world of sticky mess!

Anointing your Candle

To 'Anoint' or 'Dress' a candle you will first need an oil, you can buy these from many metaphysical shops or online but you can very easily make your own at home. A natural oil is best, one I would recommend is Grapeseed oil as it has no scent, so you can add the appropriate essential oil correspondence to it if you so wished. There are a few ways that I know or have seen people dress their candles. So here is a few methods to choose from:

Method 1 ~ Starting at the top of the candle, oil down to the middle then from the base of the candle, oil up to the middle ensuring the entire candle is coated.
Method 2 ~ Starting at the middle of the candle and working your way outwards.
Method 3 ~ If it is something that you desire - start at the top of the candle and oil downwards towards the base, effectively bringing your intention to you. If it is something you are trying to dispel or get rid of - work from the base of the candle up, pushing your intention away from yourself.
Method 4 ~ Tealights. A few drops onto the surface.
Personally I use method 3 & 4. But you are of course welcome to anoint any which way you like. Including splashing oil about like a cheap cologne! Will warn you, stains any cloths you have laying about...speaking from experience!

Petition Papers

Another way to add extra energy to your spell working. You may chose to include these in your workings or not. The choice is entirely up to you.
I use coloured paper to match the candle if I have it. if not, white will do just as well. I rip all of the edges off. (you do not have too, but I saw it taught this way and it has stuck with me) Then write your intent or desire down, Some may chose to use a different alphabet like the Theban or any other magickal alphabet. Visualise yourself having or achieving your intention already. (if you visualise yourself wanting the goal, then you may end up forever chasing your dreams than actually getting them) Pay attention to your wording. Spelling is exactly that. Fold over the paper and whilst saying incantations either aloud or to yourself, you can burn the paper, starting at one corner and holding as long as possible (minding your fingers!) and put into a fireproof bowl or cauldron and let it burn out. Then get rid of it. Either disperse at a crossroads, bury in the garden, release into flowing water, throw out with the rubbish, again, personal choice.

Divination Using Candles

Watching your candle closely..

The Flame ~ Pyromancy

A Strong flame ~ means that your energies are raised. there is a lot of power behind your spell and little to no resistance, indicating that the energy and power is focused on your manifestation. this is a good sign. if your using a candle shaped like a figure and the flame is strong it means whoever it represents s winning, angry, using authority over another, when there is two figures, the candle with the higher flame has authority over the other person.

A Weak flame ~ indicates the magick you cast is facing a heavy opposition and is a sign you may need to recast your spell in order to overcome the opposing force. on a figure candle this may indicate the representative may be loosing a battle or argument.

A Jumping flame ~ indicates strong emotions. maybe some sort of resistance against you. close your circle and bring your mind back into focus before continuing. two figured candles often means argument or heated energy between them.

A Noisy Candle ~ indicates a conversation, maybe spirit trying to contact you or send you a message or get in contact with you. the louder the noises the more urgent the message must be.

Flame catches something on fire ~ someone maybe using malicious magick against you.

A Clean even burning candle ~ means your spells or manifestations are likely to come true.

A Fast Burn ~ the results will happen quickly

A Flickering flame without breeze ~ means spirit is nearby. if devotional flame then it means you were able to get in contact with your deity.
Cannot extinguish the flame ~ a spirit may not have finished their conversation with you, or you did not complete the spell. spirt needs to complete its work, something maybe in the works you don't want to interrupt.

A Flame goes out while burning ~ This means the spirits cannot help you and the answer you seek is already determined.

The Smoke ~ Capnomancy
Black Smoke/Soot ~ your energy and magick are being blocked. negative energy is being sent your way, whether curse or hex you may be faced with tough challeges and a hard road ahead.
Smoke wafts towards you ~ your call will be likely answered or your spell has been cast out successfully. you will get results quickly.
Smoke wafts away from you ~ you must work harder in order for your calls to be answered.
Smoking candle ~ negative energy is being burnt away.
watch the direction the smoke wafts ~ East - something powerful is assisting you. North - you are ready to begin your ritual and get results. South - successful results. West - powerful interference from outside force.

The Wax ~ Ceromancy
There are two ways that I know to read the wax from candle magick. It is very much like reading the tea leaves, using the shapes that form in or from the wax. This is known as Ceromancy. In some traditions, using all three divination techniques Pyromancy, Capnomancy and Ceromancy is known as 'Reading the Signs'.
Method 1 ~ Using a Ritual candle, light and when you have liquefied wax let it drop into a bowl of cold water. The wax should harden straight away and form shapes. These shapes can then be interpreted along the same lines as Tasseomancy. (tea leaves)
Method 2 ~ Is letting the candle burn and seeing how the wax pools and forms and looking for signs.

What's in a Colour?

With such an array of colours to choose from for our magickal workings, it is easy to go wild in the aisles and indulge in lots of captivating hues. However, each colour has its own meaning in Paganism and Witchcraft lore, so choosing the appropriate colour to maximise your magickal workings can, I believe, give you the best chance of success. Below, is a brief guide for your correspondences :

White ~ All Purpose - Can be used for everything. New Starts, Cleansing, Prosperity, Beginnings, Good Luck,
Black ~ Protection, Endings, Banishing, Rebirth, Reducing Pain, Releasing, Acceptance, Blocking,
Red ~ Courage, Power, Action, Passion, Lust, Assertiveness, Determination, Stamina, Strength, Love, Protection, Injustice, Survival,
Yellow ~ Logic, Focus, Concentration, Memory, Exams, Studying, Technology, Repels negativity/spite/malice/envy, Persuasion.
Green ~ Money, Luck, Harmony, Emotional healing, Healing, Fidelity, Commitment, Wishes, Fertility.
Orange ~ Confidence, Business, Self-esteem, Ownership, Setting Boundaries, Independence, Creativity, Abundance, Legal Matters.
Blue ~ Healing, Justice, Leadership, Career, Promotion, New jobs, Travel, Partnerships, Marriage, House Moves, Patience.
Purple ~ Psychic powers, Prophetic dreams, Counselling, Teaching, Shadow work, Psychic protection, Ambition.
Pink ~ Love, Trust, Happiness, Family, Friendship, Healing trauma, Peaceful sleep, Tranquillity,
Brown ~ Security, Savings, Learning new skills, The land, Property, Find what is lost, Increasing strength, Animals.
Grey ~ Protection, Compromise, Peace, Psychic Protection, Quitting bad habits, Phobias, Addictions, Neutralising unwelcome energies,
Gold ~ Solar Connections, Perfection, Dreams, Ambitions, Fame, Fortune, Recognition, Money, Happy Life,
Silver ~ Lunar Connections, Good Fortune, Creativity, Fertility, Discovering the truth, Intuition, Birth,