Workshops & Courses

All of our Workshops and Courses are available on a one-to-one basis or for group bookings on a day or evening to suit.

Please see below for our current list of Courses & Workshops.
For any more information please message us on our Contact Page or find us on social media to keep updated.


Key to The Tarot - The Major Arcana
Key to the Tarot - The Minor Arcana
Key to the Tarot - Court Cards
Key to the Tarot - Spreads

Oracle Cards


Reiki 1
Reiki 2
Reiki Master
Reiki Teacher

Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner

Spiritual Development

Psychic Development
Beginners Mediumship

Celestial Chakras

Magickal Studies

Introduction to Witchcraft
Introduction to Folk Magick
Wheel of the Year
Magickal Tools
Grimoires & Record Keeping
Candle Magick
The Fae
Sigils & Symbols
Introduction to the Chakras
Magickal Herbs
Introduction to Crystals

Circles & Groups

Crystal Group
Eclectic Witchcraft ~ Beginners
Eclectic Witchcraft ~ Advanced
Herbal Magick Group
Healing Circle
Mediumship for Beginners
Psychic Development Circle
The Hallowed Grimoire - Witchcraft Circle
Elemental Spirit Dance

The Coven


Salt of the Earth
Altar Tiles & Plaques Clay Sculpting
Magickal Tools Clay Sculpting
Hallowed Scents - Incense & cone making
Creating a Sacred Space -Smudging Workshop
Magick of the Hedgerow - Life on the Hedge.
Hallowed Magickal Oils, Waters & Washes
Hallowed Herbal Blessings - Witch Balls
Hallowed Jewellery - Pagan Prayer Beads Workshop
Hallowed Amulets & Talismans
Sabbat Crafts - Imbolc
Sabbat Crafts - Ostara
Sabbat Crafts - Beltane
Sabbat Crafts - Litha
Sabbat Crafts - Lughnasadh
Sabbat Crafts - Mabon
Sabbat Crafts - Samhain
Sabbat Crafts - Yule

upcoming events

Whats on & upcoming events, courses and workshops

To Be Confirmed 

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