The Art, Practise or Gift of discovering unknown things or future events, as though by supernatural powers

There are many different methods of divination from all cultures around the world. throughout history, we have sought out answers to our questions from a higher source and each civilisation has developed their own ways of doing this, many have survived to this day ~ this is the art of divination.
On the right is a list of some of the more common known ways of divination. It is not by any means complete, but if you would like to see any added we have omitted please contact us!

Alectryomancy ~ How a rooster pecks his grain
Aleuromancy ~ Written paper in dough (fortune cookies)
Astrology ~ By the movement of celestial bodies
Astromancy ~ Using the Stars
Augury ~ predicting omens using the flight of birds
Bazi/ Four pillars ~ Hour, Day, Month & Year of Birth. Chinese way of fortelling a persons destiny or fate
Bibliomancy ~ Books, but not always, religious texts
Cartomancy ~ Playing Cards, Tarot & Oracle also
Ceromancy ~ Patterns in melting or dripping wax, dropped in water
Cheiromancy/ Chiromancy ~ shape of the hands and lines in the palms
Chronomancy ~ determination of both lucky and unlucky days
Clairvoyance ~ Spiritual vision or insight
Cleromancy ~ Casting lots, bones or stones
Crystallomancy ~ Crystal ball, also known as scrying
Dactyliomancy ~ using rings. much like a pendulum.
Extispicy ~ by animal entrails
Feng Shui ~ earthen harmony
Geomancy ~ Ground markings in sand, soil, or the earth
Horary Astrology ~ astrology of the time the question was asked.
Hydromancy ~ Use of water

I-Ching ~ By yarrow stalks or coins and the I-ching
Iridology/Oculomancy ~ Through interpreting the eye or iris
Kau Cim ~ numbered bamboo sticks shaken from a tube
Lithomancy ~ using crystals or stones
Necromancy ~ by the dead, or spirits or souls of the dead
Numerology ~ by use of numbers
Oneiromancy ~ by dreams
Onomancy ~ using names
Onychomancy ~ interpreting the fingernails
Palmistry ~ by lines and mounds on the hand
Pendulums ~ movement of a suspended object
Pyromancy ~ fire gazing
Runecasting ~ by runes
Scrying ~looking into reflective objects
Spirit Board ~ oujia or talking board
Taromancy ~ form of cartomancy that solely uses tarot
Tasseomancy ~ use of tea leaves or coffee grounds.To change the layout and appearance of a block, such as the size of its images and columns, click on the Change Layout button on the block toolbar, to the right of each block.