The Hallowed Wytch

I was born on a rather chilly, damp Tuesday morning near the New Forest in the South of England at the beginning of September in 1979. A Virgo Sun with Libra Rising & Aquarius Moon, made for a rather interesting childhood not without complications! I was a quiet child who always had her head in a book and chatting to things that are unseen. My mother, a true nature lover, a constant source of encouragement taught me all about the plants and trees, animals and habitats and the importance of the words we speak and the consequences of acting irrationally. It seems shocking to me that I have been a practising Witch for over 25yrs! I have been fortunate to be a part of many circles and met some wonderfully colourful folk over the years, each person has taught me a different lesson in life and for that I am grateful.
My love for divination was born when I was gifted my first Tarot deck at the age of 13 ~ The Tarot of the Witches. I spent the next few years reading for anyone who sat still long enough! Twenty + years later, I am now a professional cardslinger and being able to teach Tarot and helping others unlock its potential is one of my favourite things to do!
My favourite Tarot cards are: Queen of Swords, Six of Cups, The Moon & The Hanged Man.

I have a long suffering partner and three grown up children, Total cat lover and forever seem to be working around a feline sunbathing in the Covenstead.
In my career amongst other things, I have spent many years setting up and managing community centres in various parts of the country and getting involved with community projects and forums. I'm a huge advocate for Mental Health awareness, Spiritual Guidance and Autism being on the spectrum myself.
In 2011 I found out I wasn't immortal after having surgery to remove the offending organs. These events in my life directed me to delve into a more holistic approach to living and new ways to enhance my craft. It was at this time I found my love of Crystals and along the way I became a Crystal Healing Therapist, Rahanni Practitioner & Reiki Master/Tutor
I have spent a few years galavanting around the country and running bricks and mortar spiritual sanctuary and shops in Brentwood and Thurrock.  Since the Pandemic, you can usually find me flying the broomstick between East & West, North & South, teaching, running events or workshops and generally causing mischief in my wake. Currently studying Druidry with the OBOD.

~ Randomness ~

Coffee Drinker
Odd Numbers
Intolerant to Chocolate
Avoids Yellow
Herb Gatherer
Salt Chucker
Jar Collector
Lover of stationary
Kitten cuddler