Witch Ladders Knot & Cord Magick

What are Witches Ladders?

A Witches Ladder is a form of Magick that is good for beginners as it doesn't need anything elaborate or any special tools, you just simply use items in your home, garden or out in nature that represents your intent, you then weave your desire or goal into using cords and charms.
You can do this time of Magick at any time, it does not need to be done in a circle or during elaborate rituals. You can however, set the tone however you see fit, with candles and incense etc.
Meditate or concentrate on your intent, visualise yourself already having achieving your goal, this is important because if you visualise yourself wanting your goal it will always be just out of your reach.
To cast a spell using a Witches Ladder, you take three pieces of String, Ribbon, Wool or Strips of cloth ideally colours relevant to your intent.
Focus on your goals and weave (braid) your desire into it, As you braid you can add tokens like feathers, charms, beads & buttons etc. you could have as few as nine, up to the more modern 40.
Once finished you can hang in you home, bury or use it for mediation similar to rosary beads.

Three strands of Cord/Wool/Ribbon (3-9ft) At least nine items relevant to your intent.

How To:
Line up your three strands and tie a knot in the top and make a loop. This binds your intent into your charm here and know that the spell has begun.
Begin weaving and every so often stopping to add a charm and a knot.
As you weave save a charm for the end, add it when you get to the last knot.
Seal the spell by yanking knot tightly with a louder So shall it be done or So mote it be.
Now hang and let it work, if long term goals then tend to it with meditating every so often.
Whilst weaving and concentrating on putting all your intent into the spell there is a very common Witches Ladder Chant which you can find in a lot of books on the subject although its origins are unclear.

By Knot of One
The spell has begun
By Knot of Two
The Magick comes true
By Knot of Three
So it shall be
By Knot of Four
This power is stored
By Knot of Five
My will shall drive
By Knot of Six
This spell I fix
By Knot of Seven
The future I leaven
By Knot of Eight
My will be fate
By Knot of Nine
What is done is mine

You do not have to use this, feel free to make your own personal chant to keep your intent pouring into the weaving, make it repetitive so you can slip into the right state of consciousness without having to think about it.

Colour Correspondences

Red; Love, Sex, Energy, Vitality, Defence, Anger, Blood,
Orange; Business, Authority, Platonic attractions, Persuasion
Yellow; Intellect, Happiness, Wisdom, Confidence, Communication
Green; Fertility, Wealth, Prosperity, Ambition, Success, Gambling
Blue; Intuition, Peace, Healing, Loyalty, compassion, Cleansing.
Purple; Spirituality, royalty, Power, Dreams, Visions, Psychic Abilities.
Pink; Romance, Affection, Love, Innocence, Feminine
Grey; Invisibility, Forgetting, Balance.
Brown; Work efforts, domestic issues, friendships
Silver; Lunar, Goddess energy
Gold; Solar, God Energy
Black; Protection, Banishing, Strength and Hexing.

Suggested Items;


Isis the Egyptian goddess is associated with the magick of knots, it was believed she could control the weather by braiding her hair. Also the Greek Goddess of Circe, who is the goddess of agriculture, again controlling the weather by braiding her hair. Control of the weather is one of the more common uses of knot magick, especially for sailors.


Knot magick is most useful when it comes to harnessing power to be used for a later time. A good example of this would be Full moon magick knotted into a cord and released during a spell when the moon is new etc.
Healing ~ tie 9 knots in a piece of thread, tie that around the afflicted body part. wear for awhile to let the cord absorb what ails you, then remove it, untie all the knots and throw the thread into running water.
Money ~ Green cord, make nine equally spaced knots, keep the cord hanging in your home, modify chant to suit.
Releasing Hate or Anger ~ Focus all your hate or anger then tie a knot in your cord, visualise your anger all tied up in the knot, when you undo the knot, release your anger and throw the cord into fire.
You can also Bind and do Love spells which I won't add here as its not for everyone.
After your needs have been met, you can, Burn it, so that the knot can never be undone. Bury it in the Earth. Keep it in a safe place where it wont be disturbed.
To undo knot magick, just untie the knot. Warning~~ this may not always work.